Walter Musgrove - Attorney | Dallas, Texas
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Dallas Legal Services

Welcome to Musgrove Law Firm

Criminal Defense

Accused of a crime? Call the Musgrove Law Firm. Do not allow your own words to be your down fall. Successful criminal defense begins as close as possible to the time of arrest. Therefore, before you speak to authorities, call us and allow us to protect and defend your rights.

Business Law

Since its inception, one of our principal specialties has been in the area of providing legal representation for closely held family businesses, start-up companies and mid-sized corporations. We also offer advice and counsel in the areas of risk management and compliance. Many businesses and entrepreneurs are unprepared to navigate and interpret the numerous laws, regulations, and administrative rules that govern almost all businesses.

Personal Injury

The aftermath of an automobile accident, slip and fall, or encounter with a dangerous product can result in serious or debilitating injuries, psychological damage, property damage, medical bills, and loss of income. Therefore, we will put together the strongest case possible in order to maximize your compensation. Our sole mission is on helping the victims of accidents receive full and fair compensation for their pain and suffering.

Consumer Law

As consumers we all have rights. The right to be treated fairly and get exactly what we paid for are essential to fair business dealings. We represent consumers who have been the victim of deceptive trade practices and unfair debt collection practices. We pursue claims against collection agencies, manufacturers and used car dealerships. If you feel that you are the victim of harassing collection efforts or you have purchased a vehicle with undisclosed damage, please give us a call.